Friday, February 19, 2010

MileStone Status 1 | John Andrews

Right than, so this week there were a bunch of issues, mostly with getting vectors movement right, and granted it still isn't perfect (especially for the presentation)

First thing this week I took about 3 hours to try and reword all of the files, functions, etc to a more "Sharky" of the uncooked variety but in the end it decided to not commit he project file and any attempt to recreate it to work broke string tables so we just moved on.

I spent then some time just basically adding the functionality to throw a hook, which was basically copy pasta from the previous jelly bean code. We had decided early on to try and implement a line going from the player to the hook and present that on Friday.

The line is something that we still have no idea how to implement per se. Paulo gave us some code that we can take a look at but after lab on Wednesday we decided that getting movement was more important and should be the highest priority.

The movement of the player was originally just done in the hooks controller so that when the hook collided it would move you forward. This involved a lot of issues of trying to get the right math for the vectors, the speed of movement, and compensating for the player height. Finally everything seemed to be going fine except for that it would move you to the point, delete the hook, but then teleport you right back. We tried having it set position and a bunch of other jazz but no dice.

The day of the presentation we made the choice to change the movement out of the hook's collision and into the characters move. This involved working with the propel force and while it was able to move it wasn't working as intended. This prompted us to use this version for our demo which was probably not the best idea. While it was closer to the correct bit fo the code it wasn't "display worthy" and we probably should have just shown the version that had us teleporting back.

After the presentation we worked on the propel movement and currently it works! We just need to make it so that when it moves you it won't collide with the ceiling/floor. Right now if you fire at the floor it won't move you because your model collides with the floor and you get stuck. While the demo went a little worse than we hoped we feel confident that we can show off a better demo next week. We'll also probably have working art by then too.

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